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The Mayoral Concert

The Mayoral Concert
14th January 2017

As a choir that regularly supports charities and other appropriate organisations in raising funds, LOMVC was particularly pleased to be able to sing at this concert, contributing to the Mayor’s Charity Fund, which this year benefits the Southend YMCA.

In our audience were VIP Sir David Amess MP, President of both the Leigh Orpheus and Southend YMCA, Southend’s Mayor, Cllr Judith McMahon and Syrie Cox, Chief Executive of Southend YMCA.


This concert was something of a first for LOMVC. With our regular Accompanist Jacky unable to be there it was an opportunity for our two Deputy MDs to look after the conducting while our Musical Director, Janet Walker, returned temporarily to the role of Accompanist. Dave Smith conducted most of the concert with Tom Marshall also conducting several numbers.

The programme for the evening had been chosen by Janet to reflect the breadth of LOMVC’s wide repertoire and the audience clearly enjoyed Dave’s interpretation and the choir’s delivery of the male voice music featured during the evening.


Audience members tapped and mouthed along to a number of pieces with the ‘Back to the 60s’ medley being especially well-recognised.


‘Man of the Match’ Dave Smith was in high demand. Before he had known that he would be conducting the concert he had agreed to perform two solo slots. So little chance for him to take a break. Joined by LOMVC’s Chairman Martin Wood, Dave’s performances were very well received. And Tom Marshall not only conducted several pieces but also played bass guitar in some of the choir’s and one of Dave’s pieces.

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A favourite of many male voice choirs, and especially of the Leigh Orpheus, ‘What Would I Do Without My Music’, was as always particularly well received.

Although it was one of the smallest audiences LOMVC has ever performed to, nevertheless the combination of ticket sales, generous donations to a bucket collection and money raised when the choir sang at The Royals at Christmas, means that LOMVC will be sending the impressive sum of £700 to Southend YMCA.