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The LOMVC Torrevieja Tour, 18th – 22nd September 2015

A party of nearly 80 took part in this year’s tour which was to the excellent Costa Blanca resort of Torrevieja.
Extra rehearsals had ensured that we were ready for the performances we were to undertake at three very different venues.
Having arranged the performance venues well in advance, and sent posters and flyers to Spain for distribution, two weeks before our planned departure the venue for our main concert was closed down. In double-quick time an alternative venue had been arranged and new flyers had been printed. Five days before the group was due to leave that venue was also closed! But some remarkable folk in Torrevieja – the pastor and volunteers at the Torrevieja Christian Fellowship – could not have been more friendly, more supportive or more welcoming in not only allowing LOMVC to put on a performance there but also staffing the venue, and even providing us with a guest soloist!
Choir on steps of hotel (01)
LOMVC’s first performance on Saturday, 19th September, was at the Sociedad Cultural Casino in Torrevieja. A classic, stylish, opulent club, with nothing like a roulette table anywhere in sight, LOMVC’s performance there was filmed live and shown on the local television station.
Casino (01)

The place was packed out, many were turned away at the door and some were so eager to be there that they passed chairs through the windows from outside. The audience were appreciative, a number bought the choir’s CDs, and a retiring collection raised €230 for local charity Reach Out Extiende la Mano, which works with the homeless and those in need. Reach Out Extiende la Mano

And the choir was presented with a beautiful plaque to mark its performance there.

Casino Plaque (01)
The following evening’s performance on Sunday, 20th September was to take place at the Iglesia de La Inmaculada. To encourage passers-by to attend, LOMVC and our guest soloist Vanessa Cozens, sang to those in the square outside the church.
Iglese Square (01)
In fact there should have been no concern about getting a sufficiently large audience since, as soon as choir members entered the church, immediately following Mass, the church pews were completely full. A superb venue in which to perform with a good acoustic.
Iglese (02)
The audience also enjoyed our soloist’s beautiful renditions.
Iglese Vanessa (01)

And to finish a wonderful evening – a standing ovation!

The last evening’s performance on 21st September, despite the local politics having made it impossible for LOMVC to perform in either of the town’s theatres, was in the excellent 400-seat auditorium of the Torrevieja Christian Fellowship. Some fine folk expressing their faith through their deeds. LOMVC could have wanted for nothing more in terms of the support and help given. Torrevieja Christian Fellowship

Another superb concert with a highly appreciative audience, who made us feel very welcome.

TCF (01)
The audience enjoyed our ‘Up With the Jolly Roger’, as did the choir.
TCF Pirates (01)
Our own soloist, Vanessa, performed as usual both with us and singing her own pieces, and an addition to the programme was the excellent rendition, in Welsh, of ‘Myfanwy’ sung by Pastor Roy Davies.
TCF Roy (01)

Another standing ovation for which we were most grateful. Again, our Front of House team performed their duties superbly, and generous audience and choir members raised an impressive €660 for Apanee, a local charity supporting children with special needs and their parents. Apanee

The last ‘performance’, a tradition for LOMVC, was to sing our farewell to the staff at the hotel where our group had stayed. Hotel Fontana Plaza, Torrevieja

Hotel Departure (01)

They were delighted with our ‘My Lord What A Morning’ and later posted on Facebook:

¡¡Muchísimas gracias al Leigh Orpheus Male Voice Choir por habernos elegido y traernos tanta energía positiva a ‪#‎Torrevieja‬‬!! Os echaremos de menos!! // Many Thanks to Leigh Orpheus ‪#‎Male‬‬ ‪#‎Voice‬‬ ‪#‎Choir‬‬, for coming to our Hotel Fontana Plaza en Torrevieja with so positive ‪#‎Energy‬‬& ‪#‎Joy‬‬!! We will miss you!!Of course, the Tour was far more than performances. Time enjoying each other’s company; a boat trip along the coast, time in Guardamar and a guided tour on our way to the airport to name a few.

Boat (02) Boat (01)
Guardamar (01)

Many choir members felt that this tour was the best LOMVC tour ever!

There are more tales that could be told – but what happens in Torrevieja stays in Torrevieja!!! (you’d need to be able to access the Member’s Section of our website to know more!)

Apanee receives a donation from Leigh Orpheus Male Voice Choir

The money LOMVC raised for APANEE at the third concert of our Torrevieja Tour has now been presented to the charity. A lovely response from APANEE. Thanks to them and to our man in Torrevieja, Jarmo Peltonen.

A translation of a link on ‘Objectivo Torrevieja’ reads as follows:

APANEE receives a donation from The Leigh Orpheus Male Voice Choir

During a modest ceremony which took place this afternoon, the president of the Association of Parents of Students with Special Educational Needs, Torrevieja (APANEE), Ana Garcia Martinez has received a donation from The Leigh Orpheus Male Voice Choir from Britain. The donation was presented by Jarmo Peltonen , recently appointed as an Honorary Member of the choir.
The donation amounts to six hundred seventy-nine euros and sixty one cents (€ 679.61), and was raised from voluntary donations from the audience at the third concert in our city at the Torrevieja Christian Fellowship on 21 September 2015. The choir had previously performed two concerts in the Cultural Society Casino of Torrevieja and the Tempo Archpriest of the Immaculate Concer5ption.

APANEE’s president, conveyed to Mr Peltonen her appreciation, with the request that her thanks reach each and every one of the members of the Choir.

Apanee receiving cheque