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The LOMVC Christmas Concert – 3rd December 2016

The LOMVC Christmas Concert
3rd December 2016

We knew from the applause the audience gave during the evening that they were enjoying the concert. The messages and emails we have received since the concert have more than confirmed that we had got it absolutely right.

“An innovative and enjoyable concert” “Varied and skilfully sung” “A delightful evening” were just some of very many compliments that were paid.

Christmas Carols for everyone to enjoy, performances by LOMVC, the handbells of The Old Chimers, soloists from LOMVC, a poem from the music team and a reading all contributed to making the perfect concert.

Over sixty LOMVC members took part

LOMVC’s MD, Janet Walker, skilfully and enthusiastically brought out the very best in the choir and the various soloists who sang parts of several pieces.

Performing both from the stage, and at one point surrounding the entire audience, LOMVC sang a range of traditional pieces, along with some new items in LOMVC’s repertoire.

The Old Chimers performed in both halves, as well as joining LOMVC in The First Noel/Pachelbel’s Canon.

No Christmas Concert would be complete without the Christmas Sing-a-Long, and of course, those Santa Hats.

christmas-hats-web All the ingredients that together make up a traditional Christmas Concert.