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Pictures of the Singing For Life! Day

Were You There?

Huge thanks to Mo Coles (LOMVC) and John McCombie & Karen Edwards (Piano Pavilion) for putting their equipment and expertise at our disposal at very short notice in order to document the day photographically.

Those who were there can relive it; those who couldn’t make it can see how smoothly it all went, from 9am in the morning!

Click on any photo to get a bigger version!

Please note: these pictures are only available to the Members of the participating choirs and their families. They are also the copyright of LOMVC/Mo Coles/John McCombie/Karen Edwards. Please don’t share without permission. Thank you.
 1-rehearsal 2-rehearsal 3-rehearsal 4-rehearsal
5-rehearsal 6a-rehearsal
6-rehearsal 7a-rehearsal 7b-rehearsal  7c-rehearsal
7d-rehearsal 8-rehearsal
26a-rehearsal 26b-rehearsal
30-rehearsal 31-rehearsal 32-rehearsal 33-rehearsal
34a-rehearsal 34b-rehearsal 34-rehearsal 35a-rehearsal
35b-rehearsal 35c-rehearsal 35d-rehearsal 35-rehearsal
36a-rehearsal 36b-rehearsal 36c-rehearsal 36d-rehearsal
37a-rehearsal 38a-rehearsal 38b-rehearsal 38c-rehearsal
38d-rehearsal 38e-rehearsal 38f-rehearsal 38g-rehearsal
38i-rehearsal 39-show-starts 39a-show-starts
40-show-starts 41-show 50-show 51-show
59-show 60-show 61-show 70-show
dignitaries 80-show 81-show 82a-show
82b-show 82c-show 82d-show 83a-show
83b-show 83c-show 83d-show 84-show
85-show 94-show 95-show 100-show
101-show 102-show 103-show 104-show
Mo Coles

Mo Coles

Pictures below courtesy of Braintree Male Voice Choir
braintree4 braintree3 braintree2 braintree1