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                     Wanting a New Year Resolution that you can maintain throughout 2021?

               Getting bored stuck at home?

            Looking for something new to be involved in despite Covid-19 restricting what you can do?

       Wanting to start a new pastime?

Enjoy singing and would like to take it more seriously?


We have the answer for you!


We’re offering you the opportunity to join one of the UK’s largest Male Voice Choirs, learn music and sing with us online. Then, hopefully, when conditions make it possible, rehearse with us at our usual rehearsal venue in Hadleigh, Essex, and perform with us in concerts around south east Essex.


Here’s the deal and how it works:

Let us know that you are interested by emailing our Recruit Coordinator Barry Wilson at  Barry will get back to you and ask you for a few basic details. He’ll then put you in touch with our Deputy Musical Director, Dave Smith.

Dave will arrange for you to do a short virtual voice test with him via Zoom. This is simply for us to get a sense of your singing voice and know which of the four Sections your voice is best suited to: Tenor 1s, Tenor 2s, Baritones or Basses.

You’ll then be allotted a Buddy, a friendly chap in the Choir, in the same section that you will be in, who knows the choir well and can support you in your journey with the choir; he’ll help you understand what we do and will be pleased to receive any feedback you can give us.

We’ll want you to attend a special Zoom session for potential new members at 7.30 pm on Tuesday evening, 16th February when we’ll introduce you to some of the Officers of the choir – and Janet Walker our Musical Director of course – and explain more about what you can expect.

Next, it’s time for your first rehearsal with us on Friday, 19th February, again at 7.30pm, for about 45 minutes. Potential new members, along with existing Leigh Orpheus members, will all start learning new pieces of music – so we’re all in the same boat, all starting to learn new pieces of music at the same time! At rehearsals we’ll also sing some of our favourite pieces and we reckon it won’t be long before you start singing along to them with us.

Immediately after the 7.30 pm Friday rehearsal, at 8.15 pm, we’ll have Sectional Rehearsals, lasting about 40 minutes, where the focus will be much more on your particular Section. Sectional rehearsals alternate; one week the Sectional Rehearsal will involve doing more work on the music we are learning and singing, the next week will be more of an informal session.

The very good news – the first four weeks from 19th February onwards won’t cost you a penny! They will be FREE! Following the first four weeks we’ll then expect you to pay £25 (preferably by bank transfer direct into our Leigh Orpheus Bank Account) for the next six sessions. So, ten weeks for £25 – that’s just £2.50 per week – the price of a cup of coffee (and much more rewarding!).

We’ll access you to free online resources and rehearsal tracks which we hope you will use to do some preparation before rehearsals and our Librarian will email you copies of the music we’ll be singing.

Just a few further points:

  • To find out more about the Leigh Orpheus click here to access our main website.
  • After a few online Friday rehearsals, when you’ve been able to get to know us better, we’ll give you further details of what being a Leigh Orpheus member involves, and after a few more weeks we’ll be wanting to listen to you to know how well you are getting on.
  • As a Male Voice Choir we sing a range of types of music from 16th century madrigals, through traditional Male Voice Choir music to songs from the shows and modern classics. The first new pieces of music that you, and our existing choir members, will be learning are Male Voice Choir arrangements of: ‘Unchained Melody’ (originally made famous by the Righteous Brothers); Queen’s ‘We are the Champions’ (we’ve already got ‘Bohemian Rhapsody‘ in our repertoire) and ‘Stand by Me’ (that Ben E King classic)
  • You’ll need to be able to take part in two Zoom rehearsals on Friday evenings – the main rehearsal at 7.30 pm and the Sectional rehearsals immediately afterwards at 8.15pm
  • In line with our GDPR-compliant Leigh Orpheus Data Protection Policy we’ll want you to agree that we store your details in a secure environment ‘in the cloud’. We’ll only ask for those details we need for us to be able to contact you and only certain members of LOMVC will have access to those details. We take data-security seriously.
  • It’s great if you are an accomplished singer and music-reader, but that’s not a necessity. Most of our members don’t read music (but they have found that they can sing!)
  • We hope you will enjoy singing with us; but if you decide to leave that’s fine but we won’t be refunding any of the £25 you’ll have paid after your first four free weeks.
  • We’re starting virtually, but when the time is right we’ll be rehearsing together on Friday evenings and we hope you will continue singing with us.
  • If you can’t pay your £25 by bank transfer we’ll accept a cheque; further details from our Treasurer in due course.


So, having read the above we hope that you’ll want to be part of this innovative initiative. Getting started is really easy. All you need to do to be involved is to email Barry (LOMVCrecruitment@lomvc.organd he’ll take it from there. Of course, if you have any queries email Barry and he’ll be pleased to try to answer your query, or put you in touch with someone else who can. If, by any chance, you have problems emailing us call our Recruitment Line – 07754 673600,