The Leigh Orpheus Christmas Social. Friday, 15th December 2022

In sharp contrast to the sad occasion of John Smith’s funeral earlier in the day, this was an opportunity to enjoy the warm company of the Leigh Orpheus ‘family’.

So, an evening of popular music, appropriate for a Christmas gathering, was planned. No uniform. Christmas jumpers and Santa Hats. Partners and wives, friends of the choir, Patrons, Life Members, Honorary Members; all were invited. Many came. Sadly Jan was il and couldn’t be there.

We’d aimed for a relaxed evening of light entertainment. We think we succeeded in providing it.

Dave led us through our programme. Our good friend the Rev Canon David Tudor, as he so often does, crafted some skilled words. Our friends, the audience, joined in the singing and we all had a good time!

It was Christmas and, thanks to our Front of House team, after the concert, we were able to enjoy some Christmas treats while we caught up on each other’s news.