He Built This City. February 13th 2022.

This concert was to be a tribute to Sir David Amess, performed by a wide range of local groups and starring Lee Meade.

Possibly the strongest memory of many Leigh Orpheus members will be of the frustrating rehearsal arrangements and times. Due to a lack of organisers/marshals timings went awry, as did arrangements for seating. But in true Leigh Orpheus style we remained patient and flexible, and eventually, very very late, got on stage for our rehearsal, although not without incident. Poor Roy Beatles had a nasty fall, potentially due to poor lighting and unclear staging edges.

The concert progressed well and we formed up in one of the assembly areas before it was the Leigh Orpheus’s turn to go onstage. A quick chat with Lee Meade as we waited and then we were on.

Two pieces from us. ’Gwahoddiad’ which went down well, followed by ‘Song of the Jolly Roger’. With accessories, of course.

Some said we had a standing ovation! Nice!

Would we do it again? Not sure. As one of Sir David Amess’s charities, with him having been our President for many years, it felt like our presence was minimised in favour of others with less claim. But of course it was good to remind other local musicians and their followers in the audience that we are alive and kicking (well maybe not high-kicking!) and therefore available to any new members who might be interested.

However, in terms of fund-raising the concert worked well with the following donations being made: Music Man Project – £6K; Prost8 – £6K; Dame Vera Lynn Memorial – £6K; Endometriosis – £3.5K; Dogs Trust – £3.5K.