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The Leigh Orpheus Male Voice Choir welcomes all men, whether they have experience of singing in a choir, or reading music, or not. Many of our members do not read music. And many of them didn’t think they could sing in tune until they came along.

If you are considering joining us and would like to find out what it is like to sing with the Leigh Orpheus you are very welcome to come along and try us out by sitting in, or taking part in, one of our rehearsals. If you like it we hope you will come along regularly and become a choir member. If you don’t like it that’s fine – there is no commitment.
If you would like to come along to a rehearsal and try us out you can just turn up at the Salvation Army Temple on a Friday evening. Try to get along between 7:00 and 7:15 pm so that we can assign you to a buddy before the rehearsal starts at 7:30 pm. Or if you want to be in touch before you come along, call us on our Recruitment Line – 07754 673600. Or, if you want further details please complete the form at the bottom of this page and we will get back to you.

We are a friendly, non-sectarian choir with members from a range of backgrounds and ages. The main thing we have in common is that we enjoy singing together.
We have a few expectations of members of LOMVC. Most importantly – you need to be as enthusiastic as we are about learning music and aiming to perform to the highest possible standard. We need you to be free regularly on Friday evenings to attend rehearsals at the Salvation Army Temple in London Road, Hadleigh (opposite Morrisons). And as most of our concerts are on Saturday evenings we need you to be able to take part in concerts on about ten Saturdays each year.

We don’t require you to undertake a formal audition, so no pressure there! However, our Musical Director will want to hear you sing a few notes just to be able to check which one of the four sections is best suited to your voice.
We provide as much support as we can to new members. Your Section Leader will look after you and pair you up with a buddy, someone with experience of the choir and the choir’s music. If you can’t read music, and would like to, we have ways of helping you, and to help you learn words and music we have rehearsal tracks available online to members.

When you have had sufficient experience of what it is like to be a choir member we will expect you to start paying your subscription. We will provide you free of charge with a choir uniform which is yours to use at choir events during your time with the choir. And when your Section Leader recommends to Janet Walker, our Musical Director, that you are ready to perform with us you will be able to take part in your first concert when your achievement will be marked by the presentation of your official LOMVC lapel pin to wear on your uniform.
It is not all about rehearsals and concerts. LOMVC members have the opportunity to take part in other less formal events such as singing at the end of Southend Pier in summer and at the Royals Shopping Centre at Christmas. Our annual tours are legendary, taking place over four or five days both in the UK and abroad. Partners are welcome to attend many of our events, and those who would like further involvement are welcome to join in with the various support tasks that are so valuable to the choir.

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